Thursday, 15 July 2010

My crafty week continues

I hadn't been sure that I would get a chance to craft today, but it's amazing what a bit of determination can do! After a somewhat blowy dog walk in the forest, I came home and after changing, headed straight into my Crafty Corner. I got on well with a set of three cards, so that they only needed a few finishing touches when I got home after taking DS to his orthodontic appointment.

I decided on my usual style (and surprised myself at how much I am liking orange at the moment, or is it just these papers?!) and because I hadn't used any brown paper for a couple of days and was missing it :o)

Then, you know how it is, as everything was still out, I had a go at something that I had been wanting to try for ages and never got around to - and I LOVE pinwheels/windmills!!! I shall be making more of these that's for sure! Tomorrow maybe ....!

Carole x


  1. Great cards Carole - love the pinwheel!
    Sue xx

  2. fab cards as usual carole and well done, another day down...

    maria x

  3. These are fab Carole - love the colours - so pretty. Seeing your final card reminded me that I have a pinwheel template somewhere - now where did I put it?!!!!!!!!


  4. Lovely cards Carole!
    Suzie xxxx :)