Friday, 9 July 2010

Peace and Quiet

I've had peace and quiet here today, and I've made the most of it! I've been crafting! Well, it was too hot to do much else! I managed five cards today, and inspired by my little chook yesterday, he featured heavily!

I also remembered to take a pic of my cross stitch to show - the diagonal red crosses are really tricky, I've really got to concentrate due to all the fractional stitches, but the vertical and horizonal lines are easy! I did it the other way round to make life easier - backstitch first so that I can just fill in the three different reds. I hate it when the back stitching/outlining cuts a stitch and half is inside the line and half outside (OK, I know, that is a bit OCD!)

Enjoy the weekend!

Carole x


  1. WOW the x -stitch is really coming along, well done carole and love the cards, I cannot wait to make cards with my little chicken...

  2. More lovely cards Carole and the cross stitch is coming on well.
    Sue xx

  3. Hi Carole

    I love the way your cross-stitch is coming alone - all sounds very technical though for a sipleton like me !!

    Your cards are always fab and today is no exception. I keep meaning to ask - whaere did you get your lovely little sentiment tickets - or are they stamps. Come on - 'fess up!!


  4. Your cross stitch is amazing and it made me go all cross eyed just hearing what you have to lol I also adore those chicken cards so cute

    Yes Carole where did you get them tickets??? hugs alma xx

  5. Love the cards...I expect Katy would LOVE the idea!!