Sunday, 18 July 2010

Union Jacks!

I didn't know that I would do any crafting today, but this idea was buzzing around in my head and just had to be done, you know how it is! It was partly inspired by my cross stitch which is almost finished now, and partly by a not dissimilar project in Papercraft Inspirations.

There are still a couple more bits to do on my cross stitch - faux blanket stitch around the outside and a little outlining of the red bits and then some herringbone kind of stitches round the white bits (but I'm not sure that I will do those, I think they might actually be a stitch too far, but we'll see!)

As soon as the idea popped up, I knew that I wanted to have a go with my Basic Grey Boxer papers, and I must say that they are perfect for these cards. May have to have a go using some more pastel type papers ...

Got a busy start to my week so not sure when I will get back into my Crafty Corner, but hopefully it won't be too long!

Carole x


  1. Hi Carole

    You have been a busy lady - you make me feel sooo lazy!

    I love yur cross-stitch and am feeling rather temptd to start somethng new come my holidays! As for the cards - I thik they're wonderful, what a clever thing you are!!


  2. Great cards Carole - the Boxer papers are amongst my favourites.
    Sue xx

  3. WOW fab cards carole and what a great idea, love the x stitch too, it's coming on lovely...

    maria x

  4. Wow Carole, these are fab.

  5. You clever gal!!!! I adore your cross stitch Carole, you really are a whizz once you get going!
    Cards are fab too (as always!)
    Suzie xxxxx :)

  6. Wowsers Caz, we love these! Well done.

    Love you,
    Joannie and Mum x