Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Christmas Journal 2011 - 1 January 2012

The last page of my Christmas Journal (phew!  I shall be glad to blog about something else other than my journal!)  I decided to end my journal on New Year's Day, instead of twelfth night as I did last year, as to be honest, once it is the new year and the decorations are taken down there isn't a lot to journal about!

Just two more pics to share, the inside front and back covers:

So there it is.  My Christmas Journal 2011.  Once again, I am really happy with the completed project, even if I don't love each individual page.  Yes, I'll admit that I did get behind and that that stressed me out a little bit, but I was determined to finish it!

Now, what shall I do next???

Carole x


  1. Well done you! And remember for next year: it doesn't matter if you get behind, because you CAN catch up! Just proofed it!
    What next?! Layouts of course!

  2. Lovely pages Carole, I sure it was stressful at times trying to keep up, but you've done a wonderful job, and I'm not so sure if I could have kept going, so well done you!

    Just before you move onto something else, could I request that we see a little pic of your journal all bound together, as I'm sure it looks lovely :)

    Now, if you're looking for suggestions for your next crafty project, please give your smash book a go, it is such fun!!!!!
    I've managed about six or so pages on mine so far, so promise to blog soon, it would lovely to see what you do with yours too!
    I know that Roxy has started hers, so it would be lovely for us all to smash along together, and ofcourse anyone else who wants to join in too!
    Suzie xxxx :)

  3. WTG Carole! You did it!!
    I know I haven't commented on all the pages but I've loved following your Dec. daily.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. agree with Sue B - Smash book next!! lol

    1. yikes having trouble posting carole...

      fab page and WELL DONE on completing it, you did a brill job and looks like it the smash book for your next project, lol...

      maria xx

  4. I love how you use the word "delicate", that just cracks me up! And I love your front and back pages, too - I still don't have a cover on my last year's book, and of course you know how far behind on my DD, ugh! Well, having moved onto the smash book and cards and 12x12's, I'd say sky's the limit! Whatever you decide, I'll be watching!!! Big hugs for finishing, your friend, Roxy.