Monday, 9 January 2012

Christmas Journal 2011 - 28 December

I need to start this blog post with an apology to Alex - sorry Alex (she hates this pic, but it was the only one we got whilst out shopping).

Carole x


  1. Hurray! Are you now finished Carole? is this the last page, or does it go up to New Years eve? Can't remember from last year. Either way, hurray for getting this far, not sure I would have, lol!
    Alex looks great in that hat, I love those hats, and after all, they surely can't beat the hats we got over Christmas, Animal and The cookie monster, incase you'd hand not already guessed, lol!
    I am currently working away on my smash book, OMG!!!! Carole it is soooooooo addictive. I find myself looking around the house for things to fill it with, and even going to bet thinking about it, OMG! I need to get out more, don't I?!
    Anyway, hope onces this fab project is out the way, you will join us for some smashing, it's such fun! And now that you already have one yourself, there really is no excuse not too, lol!
    Suzie xxx :)

  2. love the photo, lol... love the LO too, well done on keeping up with it carole...xx

    maria xx

  3. Haha, poor Alex, us moms have to do this, though, lovely payback for the pain of labour! I think she looks pretty cute, though!