Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Happy Birthday Alma!

Last week was my lovely friend Alma's birthday.  Being a fellow crafter, I wasn't going to get away with buying her a birthday card, nor buying a gift.  This is the card I came up with for her:

For her little gift, I searched Pinterest for some inspiration, and found these cute little OWLS.  They were originally intended to be little Christmas tree decorations, so I enlarged the pattern and made this one first:

Since he was my first one, there were a few bits I wanted to tweak (like only using one strand of embroidery floss instead of two), so he will stay here with me!  The two that went to live with Alma (who loves the colour green!) look like this:

and this:

I am delighted to say that Alma loved them, and they are now nesting with her in her bedroom!  I also love them, and love making them, although they did cause me a serious problem last week, when Arnold, one of my young cats, swallowed the needle and navy blue thread that I had kept by the side of my chair in a pin cushion :(  I rushed him to the vet where an xray confirmed that he had indeed swallowed a needle, an operation to remove it from his tummy followed, along with three nights at the vet, and a bill for well over £800.  Needless to say, I now keep all my needles and pins safely in a tin ...

Carole x


  1. Oh no, Arnold, you stinker!!! Ailis just this morning said about one of her stuffed bears (that Brenna kind of adopted), "Where's the ribbon that was around his neck?" I kind of think maybe Hunter ate it, but I'm hoping he just poops it out, haha! What would have happened if you didn't know Arnold ate your needle? Poor little guy! And poor you with that bill, yikes! Anyway, love these owls, they are so adorable!!! Maybe you've got a business idea there, eh? Hugs, Roxy.

  2. PS - the card is stunning too! How do you make your flowers? I'm assuming cuttlebug and dies?

  3. Gorgeous card and I love those owls they're so fab.

  4. those owls are seriously cute as!!!!! I'm glad your friend liked them, how could she not?!?!?! :)

    very lovely card too..... you're so clever!!!

  5. I just put up photos of my birthday cards and your cute little owls you made me on my blog they do indeed look fab in my bedroom and the colours are perfect I also like the orginal owl but think you need to amke him a friend :) Sorry to here Arnold swallowed the needle wow £800 to remove those were expensive owls to make I do hope hes ok now and yep those needles need to put away safe and sound

    I must have a go at making some these are so cute, I been sewing see my blog:) hugs alma xxx

    1. ouch carole, does the pet insurance cover things like that or not?

      but do love your owls, so sweet and the card is fab too, well done...xx

      maria xx

  6. Very "Tweet" Carole, I bet Alma loved them. I really like the blue and green one with the gingham fabric, so cute. Lovely card too!
    Suzie xxx :)