Thursday, 17 May 2012

Never Again!!!

Yesterday, being Wednesday, Emma and I were having a Skype crop.  I had thought that I would maybe do a scrapbook page and then turn my attention to some Smashing.  However, after my first layout which I was quite pleased with, I decided to do another layout ... and on a roll I then went for a third.  For this one, Emma challenged me to choose a layout on Pinterest that we both would do in our own way.  Stupidly I chose this one:  Of course at the time, it seemed like a good idea, even with the paint splats.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a fear of "wet stuff" going anywhere near my pretty papers and layouts ... and if only I had listened to myself!  I think after having done two layouts that I was pleased with, I was feeling rather brave.  BIG mistake!!!

All was going well with the layout, and then I got to the bit with the wet stuff :(  I duly sploshed some Mister Huey's on and as I had splashed some onto my desk, I was just wiping around my layout to clean it up when disaster struck - my sleeve smudged the splats - eeeeeeeeeeeek!  Why did I ever think that wet stuff would be a good idea?!

In an attempt to rectify the situation I tried to blot up the smudges, and a bad situation just got worse.  However, I hoped that it might not show and carried on until I had finished the layout ...

but it did show :(  And I hated it.  It bothered me.  Big time.  I was sad.

So, I got up early and walked the dogs so that I had time to do something about it before I went to work.  It was terribly soul destroying to take apart a layout that you had spent time and effort on, but I hoped that the end result would be worth the effort:

I think it was!  What do you think?!

So, if I ever have a moment of madness and even think about splatting anything wet on or near my scrapbook pages, could someone please refer me back to this layout?!  I will never, EVER do this again!!!

Carole x


  1. Like you layout Carole - well done! Love the butterflies and the paper fits perfect! Actually, the splats turned out really well! Didn't you like it? What a shame you smudged the splats afterwards with your sleeve! But do you think you are the only one? Of course it happend with me as well! But did I give up? No... so I hope you will give it a try someday again!

  2. Carole, you are HILARIOUS!!! I actually really love the smudged up splats! You really don't like them?! But you know, I love your final page, too. It's kind of neat to see the misted one and the clean one, I think they're both great, just different. If you ever want to try misting again, you could try it on something small like a tag or a SMASH page, then there's not so much of a commitment, hey? Argh Brenna's poopy and destroying the place, I have to run! Bye, hugs, Roxy.

  3. Lol, ok so your slatted page wa as bit smudge, even more than I could see on camera...but i really really love your finished page, the frame looks fab and I'm proud of you for not just throwing it in the bin like you were going to! You know what they say about practice making effect tho! Xxxx

  4. I love your final page..the colours you picked are perfect together with the kraft. Well.. what can I say about misting - I never seem to get it right! I think i'd like to do some in a Smash book soon but after the fiasco with the cover.. i'm scared of paint right now!