Sunday, 22 August 2010

Silver Wedding

A little birdie told me (thanks Gina!) that it was Maria and Clive's 25th wedding anniversary last week. How could I not make a card for a lovely friend on such a special occasion?

I am delighted to report that the happy couple enjoyed their special day and had a lovely, well earned romantic break away. Congratulations again to you both!

I also had some good news of my own yesterday - I was offered a job working in our local greetings card shop! I am chuffed to bits! I took along to my interview a few of my own cards to show that I love cards and have a bit of an understanding and it would appear that they may have helped! I start tomorrow! I would ask you to wish me luck, but I'm saving that request for Alex who gets her GCSE results on Tuesday ...

Carole x


  1. fab card carole, it really 'IS' gorgeous thank you...

    am sending both you and tinks lots of sparkles and good wishes for your new job and alex's results...

    hugs and thanks once again for the lovely card...
    maria x

  2. A lovely card from a lovely lady for a lovely lady- Well done on your job, sounds great, and good luck for the GSE results!

  3. Fabulous silver Wedding card.
    Good luck with the new job and fingers crossed for Alex's results.