Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Monday was my daughter Alex's 16th birthday. We celebrated by having a day out in London where we crammed in loads and loads and saw the fabulous show Wicked in the evening.

I made this card for her, very much inspired by Valerie who popped a fairy into her TH bird cage, so I cut out a photo of Morris (being Alex's most favourite thing in the whole world) and put him in the cage looking up at a die cut bird.

My DS also wanted to make his big sister a card, so he came with me into my Crafty Corner (eeek!) and selected which papers he wanted to use, and which techniques he wanted to try - he inked all his papers, he rounded all his corners, he chose which brad, which alphabet, which shape for embellishing, and he was really chuffed with the end result. I was very proud of him, and I think that Alex appreciated that he had taken the time to make her a special card. Don't ask why it is that he calls her "Bizn" - even he doesn't really know the answer to that!!! Poor Alex has so many nicknames, very rarely is she actually called Alexandra!

Today, my OH has taken the kids to Splashdown in Poole which is not my thing at all, so I have had a day at home, walking the dogs, a little housework and crafting this afternoon! I am delighted to have some bits to show you in another post or two until I can get back to regular crafting!

Carole x


  1. fab cards both from you and hayden carole, lucky tinks...

    belated birthday wishes to her and hope they all had fun today...

    maria x

  2. Lovely card, Carole, and I love Morris in the cage! My cats always tried to get into the cage from my budgies!

  3. Fab cards both of them I love your pussy cat in a cage, also I love the funky design hayden has come up with hugs alma xx

  4. Wonderful cards Carole!! I hope you all had a fab day in London, and that Alex had a great birthday, sounds like she did :)

    Well done Hayden, I think your card is just great too!! xxxx :)

  5. Love both those cards Carole and pleased you had a good day in London.
    Thanks for the Weds. chuckle - if you read my blog you'll know why I haven't been in touch.
    Sue xx

  6. Hi Carole

    What fab cards - you clever thing you! And well done to Hayden as well - gorgeous card. Having an Alexandra myself I know what you mean about the names!!! See my blog for explanation.


  7. aah lovely cards Carole, glad Alex had a super birthday............cute Morris in the cage, Jan xx