Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Two Cards

I don't know where today went! A whole day without the kids and I didn't get to my Crafty Corner until 3 p.m.! What a waste! I walked the dogs as usual, then after changing headed straight into the village where I had a few errands to do. This is where it all went wrong! I "popped" into the travel agent on the off chance that there might have been a last minute bargain to be had departing this weekend. The answer? Not really. Looks like we will be holidaying at home this year, and I know I shouldn't grumble as we actually live in an area where lots of people come on their holidays! Then I went into the charity shop to see if there were any bargains to be had or things that could be crafted with and came out with three books and two lovely Le Parfait jars - the ones with the orange seals and and the clip seals - I have a "thing" for them and at 75p each I snapped them up! One didn't have a seal, but I'm sure I've seen them for sale somewhere, and the other has such a good seal that I can't actually open it! I'm thinking that I will probably end up needing two new seals by the time that I have prised it open.

When the heavens opened (not entirely unexpectedly, but suddenly!) I popped into my friend's house to ask her a question, and ended up having a cup of tea and a natter and by the time I got home it was lunch time, and all that potential crafting time had vanished!

Anyway, the two cards I did manage I am quite pleased with! The first is for our very good friend Steve who has just got a brand new white Audi and he is chuffed to bits with it! Steve is Welsh, and I managed to find the bit of map that covers his home town (although that bit got covered by the car!) and use that. I wanted to make a little number plate, but the Audi logo was big enough that it didn't need it.

My second card was so that I could practise my sewing, and I am delighted with how it turned out (although I think I need to adjust the tension as the sewing on the back is all loopy loo!!!) I must just mention, the blue thread that I found is a lovely old one on a gorgeous wooden cotton reel (another of my "things"!) and it is called "Gay Kingfisher"! How cute is that?

Not sure when I will get to craft next, especially after Friday when it is our 2 weeks "Staycation"! Never mind, I will take lots of pics for scrapbooking opportunities!!!

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Carole x


  1. lovely cards carole, sorry about the holiday, have you looked for one on the internet, (I've never, but a lot of people I know do)...

    maria x

  2. Agree with Maria - check the Internet or Teletext (my brother has had several holidays this way).
    Your cards are fabulous Carole - I'm esp. loving the stitching - aah, that's where I went wrong - tension! My LOs with stitching have been loopy too!
    Sue xx

  3. Both wonderful cards Carole - the map idea is great! So glad that you are on the mend, and I do hope you wangle some crafty time during your staycation (I actually loathe that term lol!)
    Happy holidays! Sue x

  4. Both are fab card Carole I adore how you have use stitching on your bird card Now I might have to have a go at that it really does look good

    Pity about the holiday.

    Hugs alma xx