Saturday, 5 June 2010

The crafting drought is over!

It's true! The Crafty Corner is back in business! For now anyway. Once again, I can't show you everything until it has all been received by the people it is intended for, but I have got a couple of things to share!

I have made two of the three Father's Day cards that we need, and here is the one I have made for my FIL. Not sure why he is called "Dap", and my OH can't remember, he just is! I have struggled with both of the cards I have done so far, it's men! Give me a girl card any day!

Then here is the card I have made for my MIL's birthday. Not my usual style, but I reckon that Alma might like it with all the green! I did manage to sneak in a little bit of brown paper just to make it feel right!

In my last post I was predicting that I would be finishing my cross stitch some time this week. However, that didn't take into account a small disaster - I have run out of the dark blue needed to stitch the last few words :( I have ordered it, so now I am waiting for the postman to deliver it. I'm happy with how the dog and the bone stand out better from the fabric now that I've added some backstitch to outline. Watch this space for the finished item!

Loving this lovely sunny weather!

Carole x


  1. Looking good Carole! Shame about the thread.
    Lovely cards too.
    I'm enjoying the sunny weather but Max is suffering a bit - well he does have a black fur coat!
    Sue xx

  2. Your x stitch project is looking gorgeous! Love your cards too, especially the little 'ticket' style greetings.
    Jackie :-)

  3. Wow Carole love your cross stitch The dog looks much better now I also love your cards, with the little ticket greetings hugs alma xx

  4. WOW you've done so well with your x stitch carole, well done...

    and love the cards, so pleased you've managed to get back into your crafty corner...

    maria x

  5. Wonderful Carole, it's lovely to see so much crafting!
    Suzie xxxx :)