Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nearing Completion ...

I am now nearing completion of this exclusive development, and as such have sub contracted out some of the finishing stages! Alex has taken on one of the residences and has done a fabulous job with it. Final stage tomorrow of applying the varnish to make them weather tight (just hope that nothing goes wrong with that!)

Here is Alex's gorgeous bird house! Unlike me who fiddled around placing bits of paper on one bird house then when I was pleased with it, did the other two similarly, she did hers completely differently to mine, and I love it! I think it's much better than mine (and so did her brother who picked it out as his favourite!)

Here are two of mine in close up:

I am particularly pleased with how this little "bee-jou" residence has turned out! I wasn't sure how I would go about decorating it, but as I tackled it after the bird houses, it just kind of happened! Hope the solitary bee will like it, bless.

Will let you know how the varnishing works out!

Carole x


  1. These are just sooooo lovely! Well done Carole and Tinks!
    I'm going to be very diplomatic and say, I love both designs :)

    Do the lids come off? if so, perhaps you could use them as crafty storage too? just an idea.

    They are just scrummy!
    Well done girls!

    Suzie xxxxx :)

  2. Fabulous Carole and Tinks - I too like both designs.
    Sue xx

  3. WOW they are BOTH fab, well done carole and alex...

    maria x

  4. Wow Carole, they are all soooo gorgeous. I certainly couldn't choose one. I think we have a Sainsbury up here in Stirling so may have to find it and give them a visit ;-)

    Well done to you and your girl.


  5. Wow Wow Carole,
    these are beautiful!!thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.
    Sandra x

  6. They are just soooo cute and gorgeous! Love the bee jou house too.
    Jackie :-)

  7. Carole you and Tinks have done so well, oh my the little birds will be queing up to move in, not to mention the bees. In fact you might even get a fairy or two. I feel a trip to sainsbury's coming on i might be lucky and find one. Loving the different colour roofs, what type of paint did you use to paint them with? Just fab hugs alma xx

  8. Very good! I like them all, well done to both of you!