Thursday, 24 June 2010

More Birdies

Here are another couple of birdie cards that I made yesterday. Is it only me or do you all feel the need to make at least two cards when you find a design that you are happy with? (I realise that it could be just me!) I am also trying to use up colours that I might not normally - I'm loving my Core'dinations card pack in Nostalgia for example but there are colours in there that I'm not so keen on - like the orange and the purples/lilacs (hence the colour of the bird cage yesterday). Maybe I need to find some papers that I like that feature those colours to coordinate with the colours I'm not so keen on - hmmmm.

A couple of you have also asked about the new cross stitch project that I have now started, so here it is so far:

[in best Rolf Harris voice] Can you tell what it is yet?!!! It is going to be a lot harder than my Dog Lessons due to the subtle colour variations, and I think that I might change the pattern a bit, but hopefully it will turn out OK.

Alex finished her GCSEs this morning, so has now officially finished school (scary thought - my baby is growing up!) and she has eleven weeks before starting her new sixth form. Tomorrow she has to go into the new school for a Sixth Form Induction day, and she is waiting to hear from our local Forestry Commission Country Park where she has applied for a part time job, so fingers crossed for both of these please!

Hope you have had a lovely day!

Carole x


  1. another couple of fab cards carole, and yes I usually made a few of the same design (where did you get the happy birthday tickets?)....

    no cannot guess what your x-stitch is yet, (you tease)...

    and will keep everything crossed for tinks, and so pleased all the exams are over for her... hugs

    maria x

  2. Great cards Carole - cute bird.
    Sparkles for Tinks and the job and her results.
    Sue xx
    p.s. no I can't tell what it is yet!

  3. Fab card Carole I very much like the colour combinations you have choosen. I also tend to do a couple of the same if not design "type" cards

    I think your cross stitch might be a tomatoe in a kitchen design? maybe

    everything cossed for tinks, she can relax a bit now her exams are over :)

    hugs alma xx

  4. Firstly, GOOD LUCK ALEX!!!!!! I really hope everything works out for you, sending you lots and lots of luck! xxxx ;)

    Carole, your cards are very cute! Ooooh I do love birdies :)
    It's great to use up your old stash Carole.
    I recently found a fab way for storing my old bits of scrap paper, and everything now gets used and is sooooo much easier to find.
    Must pop some pics on blog so you can see.

    I always love to use up old bits and bobs, and even papers I'm not so keen on. Sometimes there are things and colours you think you'll never use, but everything has a use.

    I also find if you split up what you use most and keep the stuff you're not so keen on separate, it's easier to find what you want and need, and a challenge to go through your old stash and create something wonderful :)

    I'm puzzled by your cross stitch, what is it?? I can make out a heart, I think?! Come on Carole spill the beans, if not, we'll just have to see it transform into something wonderful (as always!)

    Have a great week-end!
    Suzie xxxx :)

  5. Is it home is where the heart is design maybe ?

    an apples design

    hearts and flowers

    fruit ?

    am I close ?