Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Flower Power

I made this first card about a week ago, and was really pleased with it (so was Alex, she wants me to give it to her as her birthday card in August!)

Then I had another little play and made some more along the same lines but with the Papermania capsule collection in purple. I quite like them, but not as much as the pink!

Might have to have another go with another colour, it's funny how different the same card turns out with different colours/papers!

Hope you have managed to stay cool today - what a beautiful day it's been.

Hoping to start a new cross stitch this evening - however it's the starting that I find the most difficult! Once I have made the first stitch then I'm off, it's just getting to that point!

Carole x


  1. Beautiful cards Carole.
    Sue xx
    p.s. looking forward to my jokes tomorrow - just off to do my injection now.:(

  2. lovely cards Carole, and agree with the pink one for Alex. Yes funny how different papers make the design different.Jan x

  3. lovely cards carole, can see why alex wants one for her birthday...

    maria x

  4. Gorgeous cards Carole - you have an instantly recognisable style!! How are the bird houses?


  5. Ooooh Very flower powery Carole!

    What have you done with all your wonderful birdie houses?
    I bet they look wonderful dotted around your garden.
    Looking forward to seeing your cross stitch too, I think you must have endless patience and talent!
    Suzie xxxxx :)

  6. Since you are asking, we gave the bird house that Alex did and the bee house that I did to my Mum as part of her housewarming gift. We still therefore have the three houses that I decorated and Alex's bee house left (currently sitting on my dresser!)
    We can easily put up the bee house in our garden, but we have a problem with the bird houses - we have only got one tree big enough and Morris loves to climb it!!! I'm wondering if we can pop it on the side of the house out of Morris' reach ... but that will still leave two, so I'm hoping that they might make nice gifts?
    Carole x