Wednesday, 9 June 2010

When you're ready ... open your eyes!!!

As many of you have sympathised with me as my kitchen was being "remodelled", I thought you might like to see the finished result. It isn't a new kitchen, there was nothing wrong with our old kitchen, it just wasn't to my taste. So, we got a carpenter to modify the existing doors, we replaced the tiles, replastered the walls needing it and painted everything in sight! We kept the worktops and all the appliances but still it feels like a completely new kitchen. I am delighted with how it has all turned out, and don't think that I would love it any more even if it was brand new. Thanks to my lovely hubby for all his hard work xxx

Here is the obligatory "before" shot (don't you just love the yellow?!):

and now for the ta daaaah!!!

I am very lucky to have an old fashioned larder, and that has also been repainted and sorted (and had a lucky charity shop find of a new larger wine rack to replace the two unmatched ones that we had previously):

and here is the new oak windowsill that caused so many problems, but is fab now it is in!

I have done some crafting today, but since this post is quite long, I will save those pics for tomorrow! I have also finished my cross stitch, but that is in the ironing pile so will take a photo once it is all smoothed out!

Carole x


  1. Carole Oh I love your kitchen its so different from the before photos Love your tiles and the door look much better also loving your larder Its bigger than my larder A wood burning stove oh I wish I had one of those, I love the things above it on the wall. I see you have a turkish eye, did you know if it gets a crack it has been used and worked so must be replaced :) I have them hanging in many places in my home I love them Looking forward to seeing your cross stitch Well done Phil on finishing the kitchen it looks fab hugs alma xx

  2. Looks fantastic Carole! Loving the new look.
    I envy you your larder.
    Looking firward to tomorrow's post with the crafty bits!
    Sue xx

  3. That is one stunning kitchen you have there Carole...welldone you! How lovely those handmade trinkets are going to look in there!
    Sue x

  4. wow Carole, just found your blog, lovely kitchen, well done Phil looks super.hugs Jan xx

  5. A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carole, well done you, it looks just stunning!!! As for your log burner, wowzers!!! It's all just so perfect! I love it all!!!!!!

    Suzie xxxxx :)

  6. Wow Carole - this looks absolutely gorgeous and it's so YOU!!!!!

    Your hubby should be really prioud of himself. Wish I had a kitchen that size. It has however set me thinking that perhaps I don't need a completely new kitchen - hmmmmmm....

    Look forward to seeing your finished cross stitch.


  7. lovely kitchen please come up and advise me on mine love the tiles and paint colour i,me very envious well done mum

  8. WOW it's fab carole and so big, (sam had a larder and we blocked it in to make a utility room, lol and their kitchen is your old yellow, hahaha)...

    but love your new look and the space, you're so lucky...

    well done the 2 of you...

    maria x