Saturday, 12 June 2010

Men Cards :(

Is it just me, or are men's cards sooooooo much harder to make than women's? When I have a list of crafty things to do, I tend to leave these until the end because they are just so hard! However, over the past couple of days, I have made two.

This one is for our friend Ian who is having a surprise 50th birthday party at the beginning of July (hope he doesn't stumble across my blog by accident or it won't be much of a surprise!!!!)

The second one is for my brother who delights in being 4 years younger than me and always buys me rude birthday cards (don't you love little brothers?) I decided to prepare him for his big birthday in two years time when he will once again receive birthday cards with numbers!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Carole x


  1. Fab cards Carole! Yes, male cards really do take that little bit more thought, it's really not so easy when you can't just pop on something sparkly, or a heart or flower, lol!

    We've also been invited to a fany dress 50th birthday party tonight, but as Kevin's been working all day and has only just come home, and had'nt organised a baby sitter, let alone a fancy dress outfit! we won't be going.
    I've just popped in some beautiful scented stock flowers, bottle of wine and ofcourse a handmade card, so hopefully we'll be forgiven :)

    Big Hugs!
    Suzie xxxxxx :)

  2. Totally agree about Men's cards Carole - next Sunday is not only Father's Day but also OH's b/day - so I have two male cards to make this wee.:(
    Love your cards.
    Sue xx
    p.s. my brother is 4 years younger than me and also sends me rude cards.

  3. Loving your men's cards they are never easy to do I love the colours Love that bunting what a good idear hugs alma xx

  4. lovely cards Carole, Jan xx

  5. lovely mens cards carole, and thanks sue forgot about fathers day next weekend, yikes...

    maria x