Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Long time no blog!

Despite not having blogged for a while, I still don't have much to show - this is partly due to the fact that I also haven't done any crafting for a while :( Having the kids around always seems to mean less crafting, but life itself is also getting in the way. It's not lack of inspiration or mojo, I've got ideas literally buzzing around in my head. No. It's time. Or lack of it. I even had to dust my desk in the Crafty Corner this afternoon due to lack of use! Maybe if I'd crafted instead of housework ...

I have managed to do some stitching. This is nearly finished now, on the last line, although I do think that I will go back and outline the dog and also the bone to make them stand out a bit more. Hopefully I will get this finished some time in the next week or so.

I also wanted to show you the scrummy lemon cupcakes that my sister Jo made when she was here last weekend. I cooked dinner and supervised while she did all the hard work. They were every bit as good as the malted cupcakes that we also made together (and I made another batch this afternoon as there was some chocolate icing left over that needed using up!).

I have also managed a little light gardening - haven't gone mad with the bedding plants this year just a few pots and baskets - and this is one of my favourite corners in the garden.

Fantastic news on the kitchen too! The oak windowsill was eventually delivered (but not without much hassle and me having to shout at TNT!) and is now installed, and consequently the tiles around the window are finished too. We are nearly there, just a few last bits and bobs like repainting the door frame round the larder and the skirting board, and a few bits of touching up, then I can take some pics and post for the big "reveal"!!! Can't wait!

Hope you are crafting even if I'm not!

Carole x


  1. Carole - the "h" word always comes second to crafting!lol
    Those cakes look yummy, your pots are wonderful, great news on the kitchen but I really love the cross stitching - excellent rules to live by!
    Sue xx

  2. Yummy cakes and Beautiful cross stitching! xoxo

  3. well done on the kitchen front and cannot wait to it to be 'revived' sorry about no time to craft, hopefully things will slow down for you soon...

    and yummy looking cakes...

    maria x

  4. sorry forgot to say, love your planters...

    maria x

  5. Oh yummy yummy! look at all those scrummy cakes!
    Plus, I adore your flowers Carole, that little corner is just beautiful, I love it!
    Suzie xxxxx :)