Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dog Lessons for People - finished!

First of all, thank you to everyone who left a lovely comment about my new kitchen! I'm so glad that you like it.

After a minor set back when I ran out of dark blue thread, my "Dog Lessons for People" (by Lizzie Kate) is finally finished. It has now had a good old iron (sorry for swearing!) and is ready for framing! I thought I would show it to you now as if I have to have it professionally framed (instead of being able to buy a ready made frame) then I've got to save up and it could take a while!

I also have a dilemma. I came across this little charm that I bought on my last trip to the US in my sewing stash and wondered about sewing it onto the sampler somewhere as it is rather cute. But where? I'm thinking that maybe by the kennel would be good, but then again does it really need it? Not sure. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Since we are on the subject of dogs, now might be a good time to show you my new die (although some of you may have spied it over on my "cyber friend" (!) SusieJ's blog here ). I'm loving it - nearly as much as my "funky chicken"!!!

I made a couple of dog house tags, one for Sue and her dog Max, and another for myself and my cocker spaniel Tilly (sorry Ollie, but the die just doesn't look like a Spinone!):

and another couple of tags when I was just playing around with my new toy!:

Carole x


  1. They're all gorgeous tags Carole ("cyber buddy"lol).
    Go on then..tell me who makes the die!
    The cross stitch is perfect - how good is that going to look in a frame?!!
    Sparkles and hugs,
    Sue xx
    p.s. next to the kennel I think for the charm - it would be a shame not to use it.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments "Cyber Sue"! It is a Quickutz die ... but I'm again not taking any responsibility!
    I think I agree about the charm next to the kennel, there doesn't really seem anywhere else logical, but then maybe that is because it doesn't need it? Less is more and all that?
    Carole x

  3. Wonderful Carole!!!

    I think your picture is perfect as it is. The little charm is very cute, perhaps you could add it if you had a shadow frame, so that it could move (so to speak) and not be pressed against the glass.
    If not, I would leave it as it is, it's just so lovely, and the words are brilliant!!!!

    Fab tags too, you clever gal! I love your style, that crafty corner of yours is working it's magic again I see, I sooooooooo have to have one :)

    Suzie xxxxxx :)

  4. Oh wow those tags with dogs on are fab and having them made for the doggy's in question, thats just so cute:)

    Your cross stitch is wonderful "wow" I love the little doggy charm and agree maybe a shadow frame would look good But to be honest it does not need it its just perfect as it is. You sure are a lady of many talents hugs alma xx

  5. WOW it's fab carole, well done in finishing it and so quick...

    love your tags too, all fab...

    maria x