Thursday, 13 May 2010


I love bunting!!! A couple of years ago, I made some bunting. I used all sorts of fabrics that I had to hand, including pieces cut from checked school dresses that my Mum had kept from when I was a little girl, and bits left over from things I had made the kids. I love this bunting for being so full of memories and just for being bunting - lovely, cheerful, happy bunting!

Then it occured to me that I could also make paper bunting using up scraps of my most favourite papers too! Love it!!! I have made this card for my daughter as she is about to start her GCSEs, but I love how it could be adapted for ANY occasion - and I most probably will!!!

Hope you've got sunshine where you are!

Carole x


  1. Carole, are you reading my mind??!!!

    I adore bunting!!!! I hope one day when I have my own craft room, plan to have some hanging over my lovely crafty area!
    Your little card is just soooo lovely!!!
    Well done Carole with all your crafting, your little crafty corner is really paying for itself now :)
    Still no call back about that cataloge :( perhaps I'll try again.
    Love your little birdie too :)
    Righty, food shopping awaits, as does another power walk, lol!
    Chat soon!
    Suzie xxxxx :)

  2. Great card Carole - love the bunting idea!
    Please wish Tinks good luck from me for her GCSE's .
    Sue xx

  3. I love bunting too Carole! Your card is wonderful...good luck sparkles for Tinks with her exams, Im sure she will do brilliantly! Mmmm...must make something with bunting now!
    Sue x

  4. Thank you so much mum for such an amazing card! its truely lovely ♥

    Thank you Sue and SusieJ for the good luck & Sparkles, Very kind :)

    Tinks xoxo

  5. fab card carole and love the bunting...

    good luck tinks with all your exams...

    maria x