Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Home


As predicted, no crafting for me today - tomorrow, I hope will be a different story!

My Mum has now moved into her new home, and I've spoken to her this evening and they have unpacked about 50 boxes already (only about the same again to go ...!) The Postman didn't let me down - he delivered the New Home card that I made for them this morning, so now I can show you! They were delighted with it, and said that it didn't even get squashed (I asked Mum just to refluff the flower, and gently bend the daisies back up, just to be sure!)

I managed to do quite a bit of stitching last night too - if I can tear myself off of the laptop, it's amazing what I can achieve! I must admit that when I was stitching the red object, my immediate thought was why on earth they had chosen a pepper mill as an illustration!!! Then I remembered that as Lizzie Kate is American, it would be a hydrant, just right for tiddling on (if you were a dog that is!!!) Love the "take naps" advice too! If only!

I'm hoping to get more stitching done this evening, OH is out on a work thing, so Tinks and I might snuggle up and watch Brothers and Sisters live instead of recording it and catching it some other time - we absolutely love Brothers and Sisters - the best TV programme on at the moment (in our humble opinions!)

Carole x


  1. the stitching looks aaaaamaazing :) xoxox

  2. Fab card Carole - but it hasn't got a chicken on it!lol
    The cross stitch is coming on well - I look forward to the next instalment!
    Sue xx

  3. oh love the card carole, and WOW you are getting on so well with your x-stitch, well done...

    maria x

  4. Hi Carole

    Your stitchng is coming along beautifully. No wonder you mum was pleased with her card - it is just gorgeous!! Hope Haydn continues to improve. Warm weather here too - very muggy - yuck!

    Keep up the good work Carole.


  5. Carole, I your card is just stunning!!!! I love everything about it, I would leave it out forever or have to have it framed, it is just soooooo lovely!
    Your cross stitch is also amazing, you're so quick too, lucky you with all this wonderful crafting!
    Suzie xxxxx :)