Friday, 7 May 2010

It's a Rocky Road

No crafting again today :( Far too busy, and out of the house for most of the day. However, after walking the dogs, in between phone calls and leaving the house, I made a start on my son's birthday cake. Not a traditional birthday cake, but the cake of his choice - everyone in our family gets to choose what birthday cake they would like and what birthday dinner they would like - either home cooked (usually steak!) or at a restaurant. The chosen cake is Refrigerator Cake, or Rocky Road or as it was called when I was little "Polish Cake". Not sure why it was called that. This is the original recipe but with a few additions.

Now, don't blame me if you try this and also get addicted like my and son and I! It should come with a warning! Seriously delicious and seriously calorific - but hey, it's his birthday!

Polish Cake
8oz digestive biscuits, crushed but with some small bits left
4oz butter
1 tablespoon Golden Syrup
1 tablespoon cocoa
2.5oz raisins (optional)
2oz mini marshmallows (optional)
6oz milk chocolate

Melt butter, syrup and cocoa gently in a saucepan. Crush the biscuits in a large bowl. Add the raisins and marshmallows if using. Pour the butter mixture over the biscuits and mix well to combine.
Press the "rubble" evenly into a square tin. Chill.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Once melted, cover the top of the cake.
Refrigerate for at least an hour, or until the cake is firm and the chocolate has set. Cut into small squares, or if using a round tin, small slices! Keep stored in the fridge.

(tip - if you are using a loose bottom cake tin, line it first with clingfilm as this will make it easier to release from the tin and also will avoid any slight "seepage". If you are making this as a birthday cake like me, put the candle holders into the cake when the chocolate is still liquid or it will be impossible!)

Yummmmmmmmmmm!!! I would love to know if anyone tries this - let me know!

Carole x


  1. Ooh....this sounds sinful! May give it a try when DS is home (otherwise I know what will happen..I'll end up eating most of it).
    Sue xx

  2. The cake looks lovely - save us a piece! love your birthday presents from Jo, they would look nice in my new kitchen when its done. Have a lovely day, will speak tomorrow. Hope Hayden's card arrives. Love Mum x

  3. lovely sounding cake carole and will defiantly have to give it a go, will let you know when I do...

    sending belated birthday wishes to hayden...

    maria x

  4. OMG!!! This looks totally delish!
    Suzie xxxx :)

  5. they are so sweet, I want one, also I want a birthday cake like Hayden's, you are sooooo
    clever. Must get it from me! (dirty dancing)
    love Mum xx