Sunday, 16 May 2010

Easy like a Sunday ...

Not much going on around here today ... no crafting, family time instead. I did have to go to the supermarket - had planned on that tomorrow - as my son announced that he was doing food tech tomorrow and needed ingredients for a salad. The instructions are all a bit vague, it could be a fruit salad, a savoury salad, we aren't sure if it is just an assembly job or if he will be required to cook some of the elements :( He wants to do a chicken and bacon salad with honey and mustard dressing that we eat quite often in the summer. But do we pre cook the bacon? The chicken is already in the oven for our Sunday roast, I already have some new potatoes cooked in the fridge, but what about the bacon and the green beans? DS is no help at all!!! Men!

I left OH to the kitchen remodelling yesterday and headed to the Crafty Corner. At Tink's insistence, I made her a door sign along the same lines as my Mum's new home card, so sadly, can't share that with you yet. I just had time to whip up one more tag, and I apologise for it being similar to those in my last post!

Thought you might also like to see a couple of cute photos - we realised that Ollie had let Morris snuggle with him the other day (Morris won't want to when Ollie gets smelly again!) This is a real breakthrough, and one that we have never had with the two dogs! The other one is Morris enjoying a snooze in Tilly's bed - his favourite place to nap during the day!

Carole x


  1. Very cute pet pics there Carole. Love the little chicken door hanger too.
    Jackie :-)

  2. Aw bless...lovely piccies Carole!
    Sue x

  3. What wonderful photos I love the one of Tilly and Morris cuddled up together thats such a fab photo. Love your tag its fab hugs alma xx

  4. great pictures, and cannot wait to see tinks door hanger...

    oh yes and guess who ended up on ebay buying the chicken die lat night, lol...

    maria x

  5. Aaw! Soooo cute! Loving that chicken die - might have to go on ebay myself!lol
    You're a wicked woman for tempting me!
    Sue xx

  6. Aw Carole - how cute is that kitten? I thionk even Charlie who's a self-confessed other cat hater might take to that little chap!!


  7. Awww, they are both just soooooo lovely! So cosy, cuddly and cute!!!! I also love your log basket and cosy red rug! They look like they live in a lovely home too :)
    Suzie xxxxxx :)