Friday, 14 May 2010

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

I've got a new die! It's all Katy's fault, she had decorated some of the egg boxes that she fills with her hens fresh eggs, and I just had to have that cute little die! It is a little bit fiddly to assemble (and cut!) and stick come to that, but so worth it! I love, love, love it!

I made these tags this afternoon - I did say that I thought I was developing a tag addiction(!) - after making a new home card for my Mum who moves next week. I was really happy with how the card turned out and can't wait to share it with you once I know Mum has received it (could probably publish it now as she is up to her ears with packing, but just in case, I will wait! Mum if you're looking at this - hi!) Tinks was also happy with how the card turned out and has cheekily added an item to my crafting "to do" list - another card for her, but as a kind of bedroom door sign!

Do you also notice the bunting making a reappearance?! Another addiction! Oh dear! Also those little tickets, love them too! And brown paper, and twine, and hens - lots of my favourite things...

Hope you like them too!

Carole x


  1. Great die Carole! Love the tags.
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Carole

    Love these tags - are the tags ready made in shape or do youhave a die for them - love the shape?

    Having read you describing your house and favourite features I can now understand why these tags are so you!


  3. I NEED that die...where did you get it???? Gorgeous tags Carole, so utterly cute!
    Sue x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments girls!

    Gill, in answer to your question, neither! I have a label from something I bought that I use as a template - if you want to send me your address, I'll happily make you a template too!

    Sue, I know how you are feeling! I was the same! It's Quickutz - Funky Chicken Die and I got mine from ebay - I've just checked and there are a couple listed at the moment (and one is considerably cheaper than mine was!)

    Hope this helps!

    Carole x

  5. LOL love your tags and your hen is to die for, lol..

    and as gill and sue have already asked the questions I was going to, (thanks girls), so you've already answered me, lol...

    all fab carole, well done...

    maria x

  6. Amazing Chucks! lol :) there lovely lovely lovely xoxo

  7. Just SCRUMMY!!!!!! Well done Carole, I adore them all! Also, a big thank you for my wonderful tag too, I just love it!!!!
    I like Sue, NEEEEEEEED these birdie dies :)
    Suzie xxxxx :)

  8. Oooh gorgeous! Sorry for tempting you to shop, but it looks like you're getting the most from it!