Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Birthday weekend

Now that he is officially 13, and has opened his card, I can share it with you too! I also made another card at the same time - what's a girl to do when the piece of paper for the base needs cutting exactly in half?!!! Seemed silly not to make another while I was at it - there must be a male birthday looming sometime!

Hayden and our Cocker Spaniel Tilly just adore each other, so a pic of her went on, and thank goodness he loved it!
Thought you might also like to see the birthday cake all chilled and ready to go.

We had a quiet but lovely day. Hayden (with a little prompting from his sister!) requested pancakes for his breakfast (I was very good and resisted, opting instead for Weetabix). OH finished off the kitchen ceiling then we all played a game of Monopoly. I won!!! I never win Monopoly! And just to think they were all laughing at me when I was buying the stations!

We then drew the curtains - even though it was already dull and gloomy - and snuggled down to watch Hayden's new DVD "Avatar". Fabulous film, loved it, however it was a long movie, so we didn't eat the requested dinner - steak and chips - until quite late.

Last weekend, our plans were messed up by the plasterer. This weekend the carpenter has let us down :( He was meant to be collecting our cupboard doors on Friday to remove the moulding and make them ready to be painted and delivered back next weekend. He is also making us an oak window sill, so hubby has been unable to finish the tiling around the kitchen window, although all the others are now on, and looking really lovely! It's very exciting!

Carole x


  1. Love the cards Carole!
    Fingers crossed for your kitchen - we had ours done 4 years ago - I was without a sink for 2 weeks! Not fun.
    Sue xx

  2. Happy Birthday Hayden!! Your cards look fab, and your cake looks sooooooo yummy!!!
    Suzie xxxxx :)

  3. cards are fab carole, and the kitchen sounds as if it's getting there, even if it's slowly...

    it will be worth it in the end though...

    maria x