Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Waiting in for the electricity man

Today I had to wait in for the electricity man to come and install a new meter (we were also expecting a delivery from Amazon). My time slot was pm, sometime between 12-5pm. I had therefore planned a day at home (after our customary dog walk in the forest this morning). In the event, he arrived at 11.45 and was gone by 12 noon! (the parcel eventually showed up at 6 p.m. the main item was something my son had ordered, but it also contained something lovely for me!)

I was a very lucky girl today - look what I received from my very lovely friend Alma! Thanks Alma, I really love it.

I also put a last few stitches into my cross stitch so that it made sense for when I showed it! Not sure whether I will need to outline the dog, it isn't in the pattern, but it maybe doesn't pop out enough without. I will see how I feel when I have done a little more.

I also managed a short while in the Crafty Corner, and made these!

Over the last couple of days, Morris has been enjoying time outside, and I have managed to get a few good pics and a few funny ones! These I am saving for a day when I don't manage to get to the Crafty Corner!

Carole x


  1. OH Carole I love those little birds in there houses they are so cute:) I love your stitching, you sure are a girl of many talents I think I agree with you about the dog but maybe see how it looks wen it finished Also you take good photos I wish I did, Tips on a postcard to me ... hugs alma xx Must say I love that tag you got today lol:)

  2. Love the tags Carole and the cross stitch is fun!
    Sue xx

  3. OMG! Carole's crafty corner works it magic once again!
    Firstly, what a lovely surprise from Alma, it's just lovely!!!!!!
    Secondly, these little birdie houses are just AMAZING!!!!!!! I just love your style Carole, so homely, country cottage, rustic, whatever you want to call it, it's just scrummy!!!!

    Also, I adore your cross stitch, how do you do that?
    I told you once I made a Winnie the Pooh cross stitch when I was pregnant with Zach, and nearly flung it out the window mid stitch, counting all those little holes to stitch in the right place nearly drove me nuts and I got it wrong soooo many times!
    I got there in the end, but am totally amazed at how you do it so quickly and beautifully too!
    Well done Carole, as Alma says, you really are a girl of many talents!

    Perhaps if you were to put a thin stitched boarder all the way around, it would highlight everything for you and give a nice finish, rather than having to outline the doggy, just a though. But I'm sure whatever you do will be amazing!

    Well done Carole, I sooooooooo want a crafty corner too!

    Suzie xxxxxxx :)

  4. Hi Carole

    Love your little birdhouses - you have a very distinct style and I jsut love it! Cross-stitch - hmmmmmmm. If I had a pound for every one of those I;ve started and thrown away indisgust, I'd have as much stash as Maria or Sue-Bubbles LOL!!!!

    Love Alma's tag as well.


  5. WOW fab little houses carole, and those little birds are so sweet, well done carole, your crafty corner comes into force again, well done...

    a for x-stitch again I had a draw full of them either still untouched or like the others just started, lol...

    maria x

  6. Oh dear ladies, how disappointing!!! I love cross stitching, I find it really relaxing, even with all the counting and fractional stitches! I'm also one who will always finish one project - completely - before starting another! Can't help it, wouldn't feel right to put one down and start again on a new one (and yes, I do know that there is a name for people like me!!!)

    You should dig them out and have another go! I'm here should you need encouragement!

    Carole x