Monday, 24 May 2010

Why I love living here

Last week, while walking to the forest with the dogs, I saw one of my elderly neighbours in his front garden planting out his bedding plants. George is such a lovely old man, his garden is immaculate, and he is always so cheerful despite failing health. He insisted that I was to call back on my way home from the forest as he had "a little something" for me. When I returned, he had sorted me out three healthy little tomato plants, one marrow and a sunflower! Last year I had tried a couple of tomato plants but didn't get many tomatoes so had thought I wouldn't bother again this year! Never mind, I have tended to them and had sorted out big pots for them to go into and had sussed out which part of the garden gets the sunshine for the longest.

Today, while doing my food shopping I met some of my other neighbours, Ralph & Hillary, and whilst chatting I mentioned how lovely their poppies are in their front garden (my favourite!) When I was unpacking my shopping there was a knock at my door, and there was Hillary with a baby poppy plant that she had dug up for me and a bag of rhubarb (OH's favourite crumble filling!)

Then, later on this afternoon, yet another neighbour, Sue, knocked with another couple of tomato plants for me!!! So, I thought that I had better plant them out to give them the best start I can. As I had found the sunniest spot in the garden, I got very hot and bothered lugging heavy bags of compost and filling seven large pots, but they are now all in and watered, and will hopefully provide more tomatoes than last years did!

What lovely neighbours, and friends I've got around here! We have found everyone to be really welcoming and friendly in our village, none of that newcomer business after years and years (we've been here six years in July). We've also got amazing walks in the forest on our doorstep, the beach just 20 minutes down the road, the New Forest 10 minutes away - I just love it!

OH and I had a very tiring weekend, inside all weekend working on our kitchen instead of enjoying all that glorious weather! I must say, that it is all looking really lovely, we are definitely on the homeward straight now, the oak windowsill is the one thing that is holding us up now! I was really aching from sitting on the cold tiled floor painting the cupboard doors and drawer fronts - three coats in all! All worth it though - will take pics for the "reveal" when it's finally complete!!!

We did however, manage to eat all our meals outside this weekend (and even breakfast this morning!) My clematis is just an absolute mass of colour at the moment, really beautiful, especially against the red of my Acers. Lovely!

No visits to the Crafty Corner, obviously, but I have been stitching! It's coming along nicely, over half done now! It's a lovely quick one to stitch, with no great big blocks of solid stitching.

Carole x


  1. Oh Carole - that cross stitch is beautiful and such lovely "rules".
    Your garden looks wonderful, your neighbours sound lovely and Max and I are really envious of your location! Can we come and visit?lol
    Looking forward to the "reveal" of the kitchen.
    Sue xx

  2. Your garden looks wonderful Can you come help us? ours needs some TLC what nice neighbours you have hugs alma xx

  3. lovely stitching carole, and what a lovely place to live, I love it when you can walk down the road and people all know you, it makes you feel warm inside...

    maria x

  4. I want to move there too!

    Suzie xxxxx :)