Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A different kind of crafting

Good evening friends!

Unfortunately no crafting for me today :( My DS has been feeling poorly all week, but even more so this morning, so I've had him at home with me today. He has been in bed for much of the day, and worrying about his room. I had promised to help him sort it out at the weekend, but since it was worrying him, we tackled it this afternoon, after having done my iro*i*g and walking the dogs this morning. Well, I say "we" ... Mum seemed to do most of the work. Anyway, all done now, spick and span.

I have today posted off two packages, one to Alma and one to my Mum who moved house today - so hopefully I will be able to share those projects with you tomorrow once I know that they have arrived safely!

So, yesterday I mentioned that in my son's Amazon parcel was also something lovely for me - and here it is! I definitely think that baking and making gorgeous tasting and looking cupcakes is a form of crafting! Can't wait to try some of these but sadly am trying to be good at the moment! The book itself, a lovely hardback is just so pretty and inspiring .... yum!

Didn't manage too much stitching either last night, but here it is so far -

So fingers crossed that the Royal Mail don't let me down tomorrow, because I don't think I shall manage any crafting tomorrow either what with dog walks and orthodontic appointments :(

Carole x


  1. That book looks fab Carole - I love cupcakes!
    Hope DS is feeling better tomorrow.
    Can't wait for the next instalment of your cross stitching!
    Sue xx

  2. well done with the tidying and hope Hayden is feeling better soon...

    love your cross stitch, you are doing so well with it, it will be finished before you know it carole...

    maria x

  3. Hi Carole

    Your new book looks sooo yummy. I adore cupcakes but tend to avoid them as one is never enough!!! Can't wait to see the next bit of progress on your cross stitch.

    Hope Haydn is feeling better this morning.


  4. Poor Hayden, I really hope he is feeling better nwo Carole! You made me laugh about the bedroom, yes, it's funny how we end up doing most of the work, lol! Mind you if poor Hayden was ill, I think we can let him off. Get well soon Hayden!

    I love your book Carole, cup cakes are right up my street! I would love to bake and sell them, I think they look sooooo pretty!

    Suzie xxxxxx :)