Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A quick card

I wasn't sure that I would have anything to show you today, but then I remembered that tomorrow is Jonathan's birthday :( So I had to make him a card, photograph it and then get it in the post box as quickly as possible! Normally, I would take the opportunity of crafting to make more than one project, but just didn't have the time! Before I had the Crafty Corner, I would probably have nipped to the local card shop as it would have been too much hassle to get all my stuff and stash out just for one card. However, the Crafty Corner came into it's own, I was able to put a card together fairly painlessly - even though it was for a male!!! I love my corner!!!

I have another card to make some time this week, it's my son's 13th birthday at the weekend ... I also have other projects that I am itching to get out of my head and have a go at, so we'll have to see how the week pans out.

Just had to show you this too! Of all the cosy places around here that Morris could have chosen to snuggle up in, he chose the log basket! How uncomfortable! He's so funny.

Carole x


  1. Great male card Carole! I'm setting myself a personal challenge, given the fact I live with three males, four if you include the cat! that I start making more male things, like cards, I too struggle!!! It must be so much easier with girls, pop a heart or a flower on and you're done! lol!

    Morris is just scrummy!!!!!!

    Suzie xxxx :)

  2. brilliant card carole and your crafty corner sounds fab...

    love the photo of morris, lol...

    maria x