Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Journal - 17th December

I'm back - and I've caught up!  I headed straight into my Crafty Corner this afternoon when I got home from work and did the three pages that I had missed, and today's.  Panic over!  I was worried that by getting behind I would lose the motivation, but I am glad to say that that isn't the case.

I had an up and down kind of weekend, luckily more ups than downs!  Hindsight is a great thing - had I known what I now know (about the snow) I should never have gone up to Hertfordshire, but it was lovely seeing family and we made it home safely, so all's well that ends well.

Carole x


  1. fab photos carole, looks like you had a lovely time too...xx

    maria xx

  2. I heard about all the snow you're getting on the news! Glad that you're safe!!! Love the symmetrical look of this page, and it looks like a really fun time you had!