Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Journal - 2nd December

I had decided what I was going to journal about last night, but then we woke up to a white world and my plans changed!  My original idea will keep for another day that is slow on the Christmassy front (tomorrow maybe?)  We had thought that we might not get any snow as we often don't when the rest of the country gets it, but this time we had a good 5 inches.  The kids were delighted when we found out that both of their schools were shut for the day and they have had a lovely time out playing in the snow with the sledge.  Sadly, I had to go to work so missed out on all the fun.  However, as arranged, Alex took both of the photos that I have used for todays page:

What I haven't shown you yet is the lovely little journal cards that Alex made for me and which so far I have used as an extra little page - they are quite small but just right to journal the other bits of life that happen each day - you know, the mundane stuff that happens around each story.  I might also use them as the actual journalling, although I don't know what I will write the other bits on in that case ...

Right, off to do some blog hopping to see how everyone else is getting on!  Loving this project s far!

Carole x


  1. I took a piccie of that very same post box earlier today! Loving the journal so far! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Checking out your blog each day, is like my very own advent calendar! Keep up the good work.x

  2. Thanks Jane!!! How funny that you and Alex should both have photographed that post box (it's a small world). I'm loving doing the journal so far, only hope that I can keep it up (especially if it's your advent calendar!!!)

    Carole xxx

  3. Love it Carole!
    I've managed days 1 and 2 but need to take photos yet of the completed pages.
    Sue xx
    p.s. we've still only had a light sprinkling of snow.:(

  4. Well done on getting page two done and fab photos love your snow:) I going to print a photo of my tag to go into today journal but as yet its done but only writing But on track also

    hugs alma xx

  5. another fab day carole, not sure when I will get mine up to scratch as with having steven around and now hubby cannot get home for the weekend, so cannot sneak up there then, boo hoo...

    maria xx

  6. sorry forgot to say lovely journalling cards alex and the photos, well done with helping your mum...xx