Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Journal - 1st December

Well it's finally here!  Day one of my Christmas Journal 2010.  I have been so excited about getting started on this project, especially after the hours of preparation I have already done.  I have been thinking about this page and planning it, and now it is finished I need to think about what to do for tomorrow and Friday!  This is hard as the advent calendars are the only Christmas decorations that have been brought down from the attic!!!

Here it is then - Advent Calendars, the start of our Christmas.

I have also been making Christmas Happy Girls - photo to follow - with red sparkly dresses and festive bling!  How on earth am I going to keep up this level of enthusiasm and excitement especially as there are another 36 pages ... maybe I'll rethink how long my journal should be!!!

Happy Journalling everyone!!!

Carole x


  1. LOL carole, well done on not only starting it but finishing the first pages, yeah...

    looking forward to see what you come up with tomorrow, lol...

    maria xx

  2. Carole fab first page, no you can keep it up if I can you can Just about to do my first page right now I done a bit but need to finish I love the stories behind the advent calendar and one from so long ago just fab

  3. Hi Carole, love your first page! I know, sometimes I think it will be hard to come up with a page idea, but I'm looking forward to the whole mystery!