Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Journal - 22nd December

Had a funny old start to the day today, whilst out walking the dogs (in the frozen slush) when we realised that my two dogs weren't keeping up with us.  On further investigation, it became apparent that they were up to no good, and Ollie emerged carrying a dead rabbit :(  I think that some team work had been used as there is no way that my nearly 12 year old, eyesight failing, arthritic Spinone had caught it on his own.  He was pleased as punch with himself and there was no way that he was giving it up, not with the offer of biscuits, nor with me trying to prise his jaws open.  So, much to my embarrassment, I had to walk home with a dead rabbit hanging out of my dog's mouth!  He eventually gave in to the temptation of a biscuit and I was able to whip it away ...

I then spent a few hours in the kitchen and made a big batch of mince pies and finished off my Christmas cake:

so that was what I journalled about today!  Another simple layout, but simple means that I am keeping up instead of stressing and being fed up that I am falling behind!  Bit worried about the three main Christmas days when I am planning on doing double pages ...

Carole x


  1. Lovely cake Carole -like the fat little robins. :)
    So pleased you didn't journal about the poor bunny.
    Sue xx

  2. love the page carole and well done on keeping up, and love the robins, so cute...

    maria xx