Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Journal - 25th December

We had a lovely day!  Our plans changed unexpectedly but if anything, it was for the better.  One regret - I forgot to take photographs of our dinner :(  I still struggled to pick just a few photos though!

I also forgot to take a photo of Morris's latest gift to us (well, it was rather embarrassing that we had company when it was discovered and Alex screamed her head off!)  Loving the timer function on Alex's new camera!  And how good is Skype that we got to see Simon and Mary Anne on Christmas Day even though they are thousands of miles away?

Carole x


  1. another lovely double LO you really kept up well with the journal, well done...xx

    maria xx

  2. What a wonderful day Carole (apart from the live mouse - eek!).
    My journal is now finished as I only went up to 25th. Even found some book rings big enough to keep it all together (mind , last year's 52 Q & A are now floating around loose.).
    Sue xx

  3. Gorgeous! Love the journaling card, and what a cool idea to do the skype photo!!!